BYD3301 -  Introductory Microbiology is the first course Unit of the Diploma in Microbiology. As such it is designed to introduce you to the amazing world of microorganisms and give you an overview of their involvement in the environment and their impact on humans. You will start by getting familiar with the historical development of the field of microbiology and get to know the key scientists and their contributions. 

BYD3604 - "Project Study" - A level 3 course of the Diploma in Microbiology programme. This is a 6 credit course which requires about 600 study hours of study time.

This course is designed to give you an opportunity to become familiar with the process of carrying out research in microbiology while enabling you to gain the skills to plan and carry out experimentation for hypothesis testing, acquire experience in gathering information, planning and investigating a research problem, writing research proposals, writing reports and presenting analyzed data.

BYD3602 – Applications in Microbiology. This is a 6 credit course which requires about 300 notional hours of study time. This course will be conducted in the first semester of your academic year.

The course, Applications in Microbiology has been designed to give you wide range of understanding about the economical applications of microorganisms and their processes in different areas such as Air, Soil, Water, Food, Agriculture and industry.