TAZ2587 - "Mathematics & Science for Textile Technology". This is  5 credit course offered at level 2 in the Advanced Certificate in Apparel Technology  Programme. The aim of this course is to provide the basic knowledge in mathematics & science to solve basic problems in the industry, I consider teaching mathematics & science for the learners of the ACAT program is a challenge! As you know, most of the students (who do not follow mathematics in A/L) think mathematics or science are difficult subjects to learn. So my attempt is to show you how interesting and easy to learn these subjects is! Let us collectively go through this journey and experience a difference!

TAY2690 - "Advanced Certificate Project" - A compulsory course of the Advanced Certificate in Apparel Technology program. This course requires you to spend about 600 hours of study time. During this course you have to integrate the knowledge taught in other courses of the program to design a new garment on your own. All the necessary instructions will be provided in this course and you can download them.

This course includes 08 compulsory laboratory classes to gain a detailed and practical knowledge of the technical field of textile studies.