“Advanced Engineering Mechanics” is a course offered to students following the Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering.  It is a two-credit (02) course at Level 05. This course consists of two Books. Book 01 consist of Vibration of Discrete Systems, Vibration of Continuous Systems. Book 02 consist of Vibration Instrumentation, Monitoring & Fault Diagnosis, Computer Simulations of Vibration Systems and Three dimensional kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies. 

This is a level five, 3-credit compulsory course offered for students who are following the mechanical engineering specialisation of the Bachelor of Science Honours in Engineering.

This course, worth two credits and available at level 4, is provided by the Department of Mechanical Engineering as part of the Bachelor of Science Honors in Engineering programme. Its purpose is to equip students with an understanding of how structural elements behave under various loads. Additionally, it aims to establish a fundamental understanding of the strength of materials, enabling students to analyze and comprehend advanced concepts in this field at higher levels.

This is a 3 credit compulsory course for Level 3 students who study civil, mechanical and electrical / electronic Engineering in the B. Tech. Degree programme. This course will help you to understand the importance of graphics and visualizations in engineering design and enable you to apply and demonstrate various visualization techniques in representing and interpreting technical information.

This is an introductory Engineering Mechanics course the first year engineering undergraduate students. This course consist of two units namely Dynamics and Statics. Under Dynamics you learn how to analyse moving systems, their motion and the forces associated with that motion. In Statics you analyse stationary systems, their equilibrium and stability. This is a 03 credit subject.


You have logged into DMX 3107 - "Workshop Practice" - A 12 Days Workshop practicals which help the students to get the basic Engineering concepts. It gives exposure to Lathe machine and its operations, Metal fitting through making Nut and Bolt, Gas welding and Metal Arc welding techniques, Electrical house wiring with Soldering and Desoldering, Sheet metal work and Basic Civil Engineering concepts.